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DigitalDataHUB.Com - "Your Onramp to the Smart Grid"
Why DigitalDataHub?

As your CIO will soon discover, there are a list of challenges that need to be dealt with when it comes to implementing the smart grid. Each needs to be dealt with, not just by IT, but by the business also.

When you put in a smart meter, you are establishing 2-way communications for the first time ever with your customer. Good thing is you now have all the capabilities of the smart meter.   Another thing, your customer now has access to your network for the first time ever!!!!  This is an inherent security risk, that must be resolved.

Typically, this would entail the implementation of a large internal security regime being instituted. This can easily run into a 6 or 7 figure expenditure each year! Can your budget support this?

DIGITALDATAHUB solves that problem by pointing your customer back out to the Internet, where you already have security and protocols in place!

Now that this 2-way "conversation" is happening between you and each of your customers, you have a small data stream that needs to be accounted for in your infrastructure. Now, multiply this by the thousands or millions of customers that you have out there! Look at the new added data load on your infrastructure. Most businesses aren't willing to add that to their existing load!

This would trigger the need to add additional capacity to your data network infrastrucure, which can be quite costly!

If this traffic was differected off of your network, you wouldn't have to think about (or manage) the traffic generated by these meters. 

You also have to deal with the fact that you've just changed the data collection paradigm. For the last 100 years or more, you've ahd to collect one data point per meter per month. Now, you can potentially have several hundred reading each month!

The issue with this is all your legacy systems don't know how to deal with this data! Do you want to start system development projects that will make it possible for your CIS and Billing systems to deal with this new type of data? This is yet another costly and resource-consuming process.

We can take this data and manipulate it however you'd like, so that your existing systems can use this data in their current state, without missing a beat!

If you continue to allow the meter vendor to provide your data collection services, then you will have the problem that you can no longer create diversity on the grid, because they are not going to collect data from their competitor's meters. You can no longer put out open bids, and you will be beholden to that vendor.

We are providing the opportunity for you to not have to be limited, the software we use is meter-agnostic, so it will read most any meter on the market!

Now, you have seveal major IT efforts that need to be completed in order to move to smart metering. This could easily take numerous man-months to implement, test and complete.

With our solution, you can be up and running in as little as 90 days!

This solution will cost you pennies on the dollar, compared to the cost of upgrading infrastructure and security, as well as staffing for these changes. 
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